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Earth Energy Guide

"Spirit guides are nonhuman or human entities that reside in the spiritual realm and make their wisdom available to the living. They take a variety of forms, including guardian angels, animal or nature spirits, elves and fairies, saints or ascended masters, and ancestors or descendants who have crossed over to the spiritual realm. Spirit guides assist humans in their daily lives even though they are not aware of the guides' presence," as defined by

Earth Energy Guide (noun) : Someone that helps teach you how to access your fullest potential and live this lifetime as your highest self.

When I first started my spiritual journey and really started to learn about my special abilities, I didn't have anyone there to help guide or teach me. I've always had divine abilities since I was a child, but I didn't truly start to recognize what I'm actually capable of until later in life. At the age of 23, I had my first child and that's when my gifts started to become more prominent in my daily life. When my grandmother passed away, I became more certain that I was here for a reason and felt more confident to bring my gifts to the world. I embraced the journey with many years of self discovery, studying, and learning many different topics and spiritual backgrounds. I developed Earth Energy Guide out of my strong passion and love for helping people. It's part of my soul's purpose to help guide people and show new ways of thinking. To help people unlock their fullest potential. We have been provided all the tools and everything we need here in this Earth realm to live and survive. It's been clear for many years now that a multitude of things have been withheld from us as a collective. With Earth Energy Guide, I aim to help give you the tools, knowledge, and information that might help open the minds of the one's that need it the most. If you are here, you are here for a reason. Welcome!

Peace, Love, & Good Vibrations Earth Family,



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