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Power & Transformation

This new moon brings in some powerful emotions. We are at the beginning of the lunar cycle and will have new moon energy for the next 2 days. With the moon being in Scorpio, the energy is intense. The moon effects your internal thinking and emotions making this a great time for some emotional transformation. There is also a conjunction* with Mars (planet of action and aggression) and the Sun (represents one's soul, power, & ego) in the same sign. Energy is powerful and potent at this time. Be aware of what challenges you face during this this time, as they are arising to help aid in your personal growth and renewing your energy. Today is also Monday, the start of the week. Capitalize off today's energy by setting your intentions and start manifesting something you are passionate about.

The new will moon peak at 3:30am CST.

*Planetary Conjunction: when the planets appear to be at close degrees in the sky.

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