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The Perfect Day

Combined with a favorable moon phase, energy or other spiritual work done on the best day of the week can bring a higher chance of a favorable result or outcome. Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet, which bring different energies you can work with.


Ruled by: The Sun

Color: Yellow/Gold

Great day for: Solar power, success, personal empowerment, generosity, material wealth, immortality, spirituality, health, vitality, invoking the God's aid


Ruled by: The Moon

Color: Silver/White

Great day for: Purification, spirituality, honesty, spiritual cleansing, goodness, perfection, unity, lunar power, money, psychic ability magic, invoking the Goddess's aid, childbirth


Ruled by: Mars

Color: Red

Great day for: Physical energy, passion, strength, vitality, motivation, sexual movement, men's power, men's mysteries, anger, intensity, drive, ambition, achievement


Ruled by: Mercury

Color: Multi-colors (Any color)

Great day for: Knowledge, communication, writing, speech, the arts, charm, confidence


Ruled by: Jupiter

Color: Blue

Great day for: Luck, expansion, prosperity, money, empire, growth, honor, power, influence


Ruled by: Venus

Color: Green

Great day for: Love, friendships, relationships, compassion, the arts, fertility, money, prosperity, grace, charm, appeal


Ruled by: Saturn

Color: Black/Grey

Great day for: Work, stability, attention, reversals, binding, holding, returning, stopping, ending, loss, changing, renewing, transforming

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