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Smudge Cleanse

  • 333 US dollars

Service Description

****CURRENT BOOKING DATES**** 11/28/2023 - 12/10/2023 Can be used for homes, office spaces, & buildings For this service, I will perform a full smudge cleansing ceremony of your space. This ceremony will cleanse your space of all negative, stagnant energy. Allowing for more positive energy to flow abundantly into your space. Cleansing your area is just as important as keeping it clean! Energy gets stuck, and can draw in unwanted energy into your space. I recommend having a smudge cleanse done on your space at least once a calendar month. Service currently only available for Oklahoma locals. **Please contact in advance if you have any questions. ***This is a service that will only be offered during a certain phase of the moon cycle. During the waning phase of the moon, is the best time to cleanse and clear out unwanted energies.

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